Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lamb and Corgi!

Fun painting to do...and I found it quite the challenge!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A collection of corgi art on Ebay...

I have listed a collection of corgi art on Ebay. I have quite a few ACEO cards and some bigger original paintings on watercolor paper and canvas. All are originals. Please stop by and browse. Some are small versions of previous popular works. 8)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Art Blog Award!

Thank you Cathy Santarsiero at
  • The Christmas Corgi Blog
  • for this art blog award.

    Coolness! Please check out her blog for corgi cuteness and adorable art!

    I am supposed to post seven things I love.
    1. My family and friends. Thanks for your support in everything I do!
    2. My pets. Ever faithful and loving. I can't imagine a home without a warm fluffy friend!
    3. Art. I love the beauty of some of the old master's paintings. I love the way some modern art makes me think and see things in a different way. I love whimsical art that makes me smile.
    4. Chocolate. Okay, that speaks for itself. Haha.
    5. Books. I love to read a good book. I love the smell of a good old book. Weird?
    6. Sleeping in on a saturday winter morning. All warm and snuggly. 8)
    7. A nice rain storm. Not a heavy one just enough to relax with a nice fire and read my book with my chocolate. 8)

    I am passing this award to:

    Moira McLaughlin.
    Please check out her fantastic blog,
  • Dog Art Today

  • and
    This blog has cool art and tips for artists!
  • Art Dog Blog