Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More new items!! YAY!

I have added these new pieces to my website. One is a handsculpted, handpainted, polymer clay corgi sculpture,"Corgi with Heart." It is approx 4 inches tall by one and a half inches wide. Gloss shine.

The other is a corgi puppy welcome sign, handpainted on pine. It is sealed and hanger attached on the back. It is painted a dark english navy with gold trim.
It is fun to mix it up a bit. I mean I like to paint and dabble in other mediums. I love to paint, whether it be clay, collage, canvas, paper, you name it.

Clay is fun!
Sculpty clay is a cool medium. It's easy to work with and its oven bake.
Don't get me wrong, it takes time to get something that looks right or to add detail. Well, it takes me a long time anyways. It's rewarding though. Just don't overcook, or your sculpture will get a bit brown.You can paint a clay piece after baking with any craft acrylic paint. They have sculpty glaze that is brushed on in matte or shiney glaze.

Wood is great!
I like painting on pine. I like the hardness and smoothness of the wood. I get wooden blanks from my local Michael's craft store and sand them well. Sometimes there are dings, dents, and rough spots in the blank. Look over any blanks well before you buy. You can primer the wood if you would like, but sand between coats.
Then I draw on a rough draft of my design and paint with acrylic paints. You can always use stencils for lettering, if you would like. After drying, spray with an acrylic sealer. I don't recommend the signs I paint to be exposed outdoors in the elements but I do have one on my front door (sheltered) year around and It is holding up great.

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