Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New designs with elements!!

I created these with my wacom tablet and photoshop elements.
I received my photoshop elements for dummies book, but quickly realized that I have learned more from just fiddling with the program. So I have uploaded new designs to both my Cafepress stores. I wanted to create some new corgi text designs.
Just in time for the holidays!

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    Chris Chalk said...

    Hi Karen, 'I'm not fat I just have short legs' ... I love it. Made me laugh.
    I'm from Pembs, Wales and I've never seen a PM Corgi.
    Keep creating, Chris

    Sheila-Army Wife said...

    Love your blog. We have a mix of Golden Retriever and Corgi.
    Would you mind if I used your pix of the corgi with the saying about not being fat just have short legs? to put on my blog?..lol..people are always saying he's fat, we usually just say "he's not fat, he's just big boned" if not it's ok, just thought I'd ask first

    ocmist said...

    Hey, thanks for letting me know about CafePress. I've recently opened a store of my own... Grammy's Corgi Country... with some of my own original art designs. http://www.cafepress.com/CorgiCountry

    I love your work, and hope you are doing well with your stores. Linda from Corgi Country