Friday, June 16, 2006

Cute pictures of corgis...

I got a new digital camera recently. I thought to myself.."Wow! This will be great!!" There is a annual dog show that is held here and I can take tons of pics of corgis!! The Apple Valley Kennel Club puts on a great show.

I charge my camera, go out early on Saturday morning in the cold and rain, excited about snapping priceless pics of pups! I see some adorable corgis! I started to take pictures camera goes dead. Hello? It's really not working and Its now broken and frozen!! I couldn't believe It since It was new! So much for getting my corgi pics. 8( I do have two cute pics of a tri color right before the camera went dead. He was a young corgi and so sweet! I want to do a design with him for my store.

I guess I will have to find some more corgis to photograph. CORGI MODELS NEEDED!! HEHE!!

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