Tuesday, March 28, 2006

VanGogh Inspired

I finished a painting this afternoon. It was inspired by vanGogh's iris painting. I of course included a corgi! I really enjoy painting VanGogh works. I love the colors and It seems to flow so easily. I think my next will be another vanGogh inspired piece. I will have to go and find one I really like and change It up with the addition of a little pup! I added this to my CafePress store. I went to the Apple Valley Kennel Club dog show a couple of weeks ago. It was raining and snowing, but I saw the cutest Pembrokes there. I wanted to take so many pictures, but wouldn't you know It, my camera had to BREAK right at that moment. So I can't take any adorable bunny butt photos until next year. 8( I need to find another dog show, or corgi source for more reference photos and inspiration...!!!

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