Tuesday, March 28, 2006

VanGogh Inspired

I finished a painting this afternoon. It was inspired by vanGogh's iris painting. I of course included a corgi! I really enjoy painting VanGogh works. I love the colors and It seems to flow so easily. I think my next will be another vanGogh inspired piece. I will have to go and find one I really like and change It up with the addition of a little pup! I added this to my CafePress store. I went to the Apple Valley Kennel Club dog show a couple of weeks ago. It was raining and snowing, but I saw the cutest Pembrokes there. I wanted to take so many pictures, but wouldn't you know It, my camera had to BREAK right at that moment. So I can't take any adorable bunny butt photos until next year. 8( I need to find another dog show, or corgi source for more reference photos and inspiration...!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Moon Doggys"

I just finished this. A cute corgi couple basking under a full moon on a warm summer night. I was inspired by Van Gogh on this one. I have listed this original on ebay.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A twinkle in his eye

I just finished this painting. It is a painting of a cute corgi boy. The original photograph was sent to me by his owner so I could use It for painting reference. I love to receive photos of corgis! Please send them to me If you don't mind me reproducing them. You can't have too many cute corgi photos around! Please send photos to bizkitt@msn.com!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Clay corgis

I thought It might be fun to create sculptures of some of my past paintings. I sculpted this one after my "Snoozing with hedgie" painting. This is my version in clay. Handsculpted and painted. It is fun to change mediums once in a while.

Jake and his toys

I finished this commission of Jake and his toys. He is such a handsome boy and It was a joy to put him on canvas. He is surrounded by his real favorite toys. Thank you to Jake's owners for the privilege of painting your boy!