Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Christmas bunny butt

Another new painting on ebay, I finished this one yesterday afternoon. It's a pembroke welsh corgi who is a little impatient for his gift at christmas. Maybe It's a new hedgie or a greenie. Pembrokes have a cute little "bunny butt" because they just have a little bump of a tail and look so fluffy!This one's details took me a while to paint. It takes me many hours to finish one painting. So many in fact that usually I lose track of actually how much time I dedicated to each piece. In guessing, I would say this took me at least six hours or more. That I think is my normal time frame for most work. I have done a few that took over 8 hours.I can never finish a painting in one day at one sitting, so the time is spread out over more than one day. I have kids,husband,dogs,cats, and yucky housework to attend to. I would rather just paint.