Thursday, October 20, 2005

Starting a painting

I thought It might be cool to show how I first start my paintings. I first draw the image on the canvas with pencil. It takes a while to get it right. Then I can start to paint it. I paint the background first, then the eyes (the hardest part) and then the rest of the pup. Here we have the beginnings of my latest the red and white pem.
Next~the finished result..

More "winter paintings"

I got some new great corgi reference photos from owners! Thanks to all who send me those terrific corgis! They are very inspirational, cute and expressive! I can't wait to put them on canvas. I can't paint fast enough.
I found some more of the 10" X 10" canvases. I love them! They are harder for me to get. They are perfect for the doggie faces. I am starting another in the "winter doggie" series. It is a red and white Pembroke welsh corgi, with some snow of course. I think in this one I will include a wee snowman in the background. I am off to have some fun! I'll Be back to update!