Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Raider the Ham

Raider is posing for the camera. He is a big ham. He is a unique cocker spaniel. He is a rare blue merle, with a mottled "blue black" coat with grey and white. His eyes are ice blue. Here he has his coat shaved off for the warm months. We get a lot of foxtales and thorns in the mojave desert. Raider's ears and coat get so thick he picks them up like crazy. He has already had two trips to the vet this year for foxtails in the ears. Thats when I decided It's better that he go "nekkid" during this season. Plus it's cooler too. We will let It grow out now since the cooler weather is coming.
I really am starting the corgi pup with the stuffed rabbit painting today.
I have him all drawn out on canvas. He's just waiting to come alive with paint!

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