Monday, October 10, 2005

Another one finished

I finished the corgi and the snowflakes. I call It "Tasting Snowflakes." I listed It on ebay and It is now on Cafepress, ready to be put on shirts and gifts. I think this one is a good one for the up coming holidays. Tiles, cards, and other items for special corgi lovers. This one was fun, and took me a while because It has a lot of detail. I tried to make the corgi as real looking as I could. This is hard for me since I have had no formal training and I am considered a "self Taught" artist.I guess It is labeled as "realism" even though I don't like labels, don't understand all their meanings, and just love to paint. I learn as I go, hoping to steadily improve. I would love to be able to paint portraits of people, but I have never been able to draw a person, so animals it is. I would love to paint a abstract.I paint mostly realism, so abstracts are REALLY hard for me to do. I try, and the finished product looks like mud. Abstracts may look easy to some, like paint just thrown all over.Believe me it's harder than It looks, and I'll pass. I have another painting in my head of a corgi and a stuffed rabbit...I think I will start that one now. I'll be back to update!

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