Friday, October 28, 2005

A commissioned piece

I just finished this commissioned piece of a "Van Gogh" themed painting with a fluffy corgi. It's an 11 X 14.This painting was fun but a little challenging because I had never painted a fluffy before. This photo was taken with a digital camera, so the lighting and colors aren't so great. My scanner is too small.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The finished result

Here is the finished painting. Oh what a difference a little paint makes. First I painted in the background, and the mouth and eyes. I added a layer of paint to the corgi and then shaded it. I add the snowflakes and he's done. A happy smiling corgi like all corgis should be!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Starting a painting

I thought It might be cool to show how I first start my paintings. I first draw the image on the canvas with pencil. It takes a while to get it right. Then I can start to paint it. I paint the background first, then the eyes (the hardest part) and then the rest of the pup. Here we have the beginnings of my latest the red and white pem.
Next~the finished result..

More "winter paintings"

I got some new great corgi reference photos from owners! Thanks to all who send me those terrific corgis! They are very inspirational, cute and expressive! I can't wait to put them on canvas. I can't paint fast enough.
I found some more of the 10" X 10" canvases. I love them! They are harder for me to get. They are perfect for the doggie faces. I am starting another in the "winter doggie" series. It is a red and white Pembroke welsh corgi, with some snow of course. I think in this one I will include a wee snowman in the background. I am off to have some fun! I'll Be back to update!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Okay here's another

Here's the corgi pup and stuffed bunny painting. I call It "Are You My Brother?" I painted this from a great reference photo that was sent to me from a corgi owner. Her puppy is very photogenic. Or should I say paintogenic? That isn't even a word.
I will be listing this on ebay tommorrow.

Raider the Ham

Raider is posing for the camera. He is a big ham. He is a unique cocker spaniel. He is a rare blue merle, with a mottled "blue black" coat with grey and white. His eyes are ice blue. Here he has his coat shaved off for the warm months. We get a lot of foxtales and thorns in the mojave desert. Raider's ears and coat get so thick he picks them up like crazy. He has already had two trips to the vet this year for foxtails in the ears. Thats when I decided It's better that he go "nekkid" during this season. Plus it's cooler too. We will let It grow out now since the cooler weather is coming.
I really am starting the corgi pup with the stuffed rabbit painting today.
I have him all drawn out on canvas. He's just waiting to come alive with paint!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Doggie Winter Paintings

Here is "Tasting Snowflakes Japanese Chin" this one was fun, as I have never painted a chin before.They are very cute. I have a commission to do soon with chins, so I thought I should get some practice and put one in my winter doggie series.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pug Painting

I decided to paint a different dog breed today. My daughter's favorite breed is the pug.This is second in a series. I thought I would do a little series of winter doggie paintings. I will do another, but haven't decided what the breed will be. This is listed on ebay. I am including these other breeds in my Spotted Dog Art store on CafePress. That store features all breed doggie gifts. These are fun to create, and I really like painting on the heavy box-like canvases. I like the finished look of them. Thinking of the next breed...what will It be? "Tasting Snowflakes Pug" 10 X 10

Monday, October 10, 2005

Another one finished

I finished the corgi and the snowflakes. I call It "Tasting Snowflakes." I listed It on ebay and It is now on Cafepress, ready to be put on shirts and gifts. I think this one is a good one for the up coming holidays. Tiles, cards, and other items for special corgi lovers. This one was fun, and took me a while because It has a lot of detail. I tried to make the corgi as real looking as I could. This is hard for me since I have had no formal training and I am considered a "self Taught" artist.I guess It is labeled as "realism" even though I don't like labels, don't understand all their meanings, and just love to paint. I learn as I go, hoping to steadily improve. I would love to be able to paint portraits of people, but I have never been able to draw a person, so animals it is. I would love to paint a abstract.I paint mostly realism, so abstracts are REALLY hard for me to do. I try, and the finished product looks like mud. Abstracts may look easy to some, like paint just thrown all over.Believe me it's harder than It looks, and I'll pass. I have another painting in my head of a corgi and a stuffed rabbit...I think I will start that one now. I'll be back to update!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Starting a new painting today.

I am thinking of a new painting I want to create. I often have paintings parked back to back in my head, waiting to get out. I am thinking of a tri color corgi face with (perhaps santa hat?) and snowflakes falling.I have to pick a beautiful tri to paint from pictures that were sent to me. It's fun to create from a photo, and make the little guy come to life. I often take a photo and put a little "twist" to it, by changing the backgrounds, colors, or totally a different scenerio. I will post It here when It's finished!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Raider's favorite toy

Raider loves his hedgie.
He shows him love everyday
by chewing and trying to rip
the stuffing out of him. I know
that hedgies are a very popular
and beloved dog toy. I incorporate
the hedge in some of my paintings.
Ain't he cute?

Some new pics of the pups

Here's some new pics of my dogs. Charles is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Raider is a blue merle Cocker Spaniel. He has very light blue eyes.They help inspire me everyday.

I finished this painting today

"Mine's fluffier than yours!"

I finished this this morning. It is acrylic on 8 X 10 canvas.

Two pembroke welsh corgis comparing bunny butts.

I wanted to create a humourous painting with two smiling corgis.

I am listing this on ebay and will soon list this on cafepress as one of my original doggie designs. This painting was based on a reference photo that his owner was nice enough to send me. I am always looking for corgi models to paint, so If you would like to send me some of your beautiful corgi, please do so! I can't use them all but If I do paint them, I will send you a scan of the finished painting.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My attempt at a blog about dogs and art

This is my first attempt at a blog. I will probably include some ramblings about my dogs, Raider, a blue merle cocker spaniel, and a cavalier king charles spaniel named charles.
I thought a blog would help me bring my newest art, shop news, and designs to you.
I try to create paintings weekly and list them on ebay. I then upload them to my cafepress stores. They then print the designs on unique dog items and gifts.
Not all my designs are available, but the ones that fit the templates the best, and will create the best images, are located there.

I offer original acrylic paintings of dogs (mostly featuring pembroke welsh corgis, but sometimes do offer other breeds) on ebay weekly. I am a stay at home mom and find that painting is a terrific stress reliever and creative outlet.

If you are interested in a commission, you can email me at I am open to hearing your ideas for a personal painting as a tribute to your pet, or just a fun portrait of your doggie.

Please visit the links on the right of this page to view my personal studio website and Cafepress stores. Unique original art and doggie gifts and items.